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By Anthony Johnson, Aug 28 2015 09:46AM

We all know by now that a quick and easy way to get listed on Google and other search engines for your business is paid search marketing on Google AdWords (other search engines are available!).

However, paying to be listed is also very expensive, especially if you have no experience. Search engine optimisation on the other hand, can help you to save money while getting more targeted visitors at the same time.

What is the difference between SEO and paid search marketing?

SEO concentrates on the normal "organic" results on Google and many other search engines. If your website is ranked in the "organic results, you don't have to pay every time someone clicks through to your website.

If you use paid search marketing to advertise your website on search engines, you pay for every click. Your website will appear in the "sponsored results" section of the search results page.

In the long term, SEO is better because it delivers lasting results

Paid search marketing is great because it provides quick results. You will get the first visitors minutes after the launch of your paid search campaign. Unfortunately, you won't get any more visitors as soon as you stop paying.

To achieve high rankings in the organic search results, you have to develop good web pages and good links that point to your site. It takes much longer to get high rankings with SEO. Fortunately, most websites keep their rankings for a long time.

In the long run, SEO is a much better value than paid search marketing. If you have a business that is meant to stay, SEO is the way to go.

In the short term, SEO is better because you are forced to improve your website

If you use paid search marketing, your website will get visitors because you pay for them. With SEO, you get website visitors because your website is good.

If you use SEO to promote your website, you are forced to optimise your web pages: the content, the usability, etc. Although this requires more work, your website and your revenue will benefit greatly from these changes.

Google AdWords is better if you need immediate results

Paid search marketing on Google AdWords and other sites is great if you have the money and if you need website visitors now.

If you want to get high rankings that last without paying for every single click, use SEO to promote your site. In the long run, SEO has a much better return-on-investment.


By Anthony Johnson, Aug 26 2015 08:30AM

The mobilegeddon aftermath

Since Google announced the new mobile ranking algorithm, the media have been predicting the end of high rankings for non-mobile friendly websites calling 'mobilegeddon' on mass too all.

Google have released the new algorithm now. so is it as bad as expected?

Do you still have to convert your web pages?

What exactly is Google's new algorithm?

On 21 April, Google released a ranking algorithm that changes the way web pages are ranked in Google's mobile results. According to Google, web pages that do not display correctly on mobile phones, will get lower rankings than before:

According to Google, there's less that 5% more mobile-friendly websites from two months ago, when Google announced the new algorithm. The update doesn’t apply to all devices or results though:

• it affects only mobile device search rankings

• it applies to individual pages of a site, not all of the website

• it is a global algorithm update that affects search results in all languages

Many webmasters changed their websites - was it worth it?

Well we predicted this change would and was happening before Christmas, we noticed back then that changes were happening to mobile search and we advised all our clients to "get mobile friendly" in December.

The mobile results haven't changed dramatically for many websites, the effect seems to be small. Some websites saw dropped rankings for some of their main keywords but not for all.

Google did say that secure websites would get an advantage, a lot of webmasters added SSL certificates in a rush and encountered many problems that were hard to fix (broken security certificates, broken plugins, less relevant AdSense ads, etc.). So far, HTTPS sites do not seem to rank better but we will be keeping an eye on things and information will be posted we found.

The new mobile algorithm could be similar. A new mobile website can also cause problems:

• for many websites, mobile traffic is worth less than desktop traffic

• if you change an effective web page with high conversions and replace it with an untested mobile design, conversions might drop

• Contact a reputable company that are specialists in mobile websites.

Anthony Johnson


By guest, Aug 18 2015 11:24AM

Well hello there! for those of you who have been following my social media randomness, you will know that my popularity (I wont use fame lol) is because of you and your support.

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There are so many spins on sales to make you believe you need something you don't, that I have made it a mission to explain break down and help in any way I can.

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