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Who is Anthony Johnson?

We met Anthony at the BNI Inspire Chapter in Coventry early one Thursday morning a couple of months ago. Now, he did try and avoid us to start with but he needed to try much harder than simply not replying to one email. We’ve moved past that now to the point where Anthony doesn’t (visibly) wince when he sees us – I think he might even quite like us. Or maybe he just likes the opportunity to talk about himself. Probably best to ask him directly to be certain about that @AnthonyJohns0n.

So, Anthony, is a Digital Marketeer (Marketer?) who loves Twitter (it’s his favourite form of social media). His Twitter bio describes him as:

“Im just a #geek who has been doing Digital Marketing for 12 years or so, giving free #SEO and #SocialMedia advice to #Business & #StartUps @Digital4Trade #BNI”


“For content that is King, you need to write

like a Queen.” Anthony Seo Johnson

and that’s pretty much how he describes himself in person too. His love for Twitter comes from his short attention span: everything moves so quickly on Twitter that there’s always something new to look at, engage with or a technique to try out. The advantage of the speed is that, if you say something wrong, it’s gone in minutes. Conversely, though, that makes it tough to be heard above the noise sometimes.


As for the rest, he’s not a fan of Periscope nor is he a fan of all the gimmicky stuff you can find for example apps that teach you how to communicate with people because, while he might be a digital geek, Anthony knows the value of a phone call. This is also quite literally meant – a phone call just netted Anthony £10k.


His rationale for why this works? It all comes down to people: marketing shouldn’t be considered B2B or B2C but rather people 2 people. To be successful you need to engage with real people through real content on a real level. It can be easy to forget you’re in work mode or separated from others by technology but people warm to the genuine and authentic.


What is digital marketing?

According to Anthony, it comprises 4 elements: 25% social media, 25% internet marketing, 25% SEO, 25% PPC


You don’t need to ace all of them. We were given Groupon as an example. flick’s Suzee got a Groupon for her Hollywood tour of star homes (as totally irrelevant side note – Suzee was in her element with this. She knew more than the tour guide). Anthony suggested that we wouldn’t have found Groupon for searching for Hollywood Tours but I ended up using them anyway – I found them (or, more likely through the use of cookies, they found me).


Not wanting to fall into the trap of believing what we’d been told about Groupon, we did the search for ourselves. guess what, Anthony was right.


Top tips on digital marketing success from Anthony Johnson


•Love what you do – if you can’t give 110% then it’s not worth doing


•Stay hungry to learn more – with SEO the boundaries are always changing, this means you’ve got to stay on your toes to keep up.


•It helps if you’re competitive – the SEO game is about being number-one and going up through the rankings. If you’re the type of person who aspires to be the best, then the spirit of this will appeal to you more naturally (and if you want to see how flick applies this spirit to e-learning, you can find out more in our blog on 10 way reasons e-learning should be gamified)


•A/B testing – success comes from a relentless sequence of trial and error, trial and error. You learn what works and then you keep refining it until it’s hitting the right levels of success for you.


•Communicate in the language in which people are talking to you – you can try and fight it and try to educate them but it’ll be quicker and easier to simply talk their language.


•Be committed – don't approach social media with a “have to” attitude. Engage and commit for the best returns.


Top tips for companies looking to outsource digital marketing


•Don’t believe everything you read online – blogging, for some, is a business, so be discerning: are you looking at a blog or a paid ad/endorsement? There’s a big difference. Or it’s a matter of wording:


•Always speak to previous clients for a testimonial – don’t outsource your digital marketing until you’ve spoken to a happy customer of the company you’re considering. This will separate those who talk a good talk from those you’ll get you to the top of Google or gain a million followers on Twitter (feel free to substitute for your own personal goal)


•Always buy a domain if you want to use a .co domain –you won’t be able to use the .co site if you don’t own the domain.


•Follow the progress/growth throughout a SEO project – don’t wait until the end of the project to calculate as you can track things as you go through. Social media engagement in the early days can help initially while other stuff kicks in. Be cautious about measuring certain stats in isolation eg traffic volume as there’s nothing to ensure that it’s the right traffic for your company/product. The key metric is conversions.


Just for fun!

Apple vs Google – Apple for hands on hardware/kit, Google for the virtual world

Tea vs Coffee – Tea

Cats vs Dogs – Dogs


Writen brilliantly by Suzee from Flix Learning.


Anthony Johnson. Anthony Johnson.

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